a personal brand photographer here to help you create a bad ass personal brand story that elevates your business.

I'm Osiris


i see you behind the scenes trying to curate images for your social media and having no time for yourself. stop. I can help.

i help you tell your story THROUGH images.

Let’s free up your time so you can do more of what your business needs and worry less about the image your brand is making. 

Take your time back and stop trying to take your own photos. You have better things to do.

We'll meet once a quarter for a total of four times per year. Or we'll make a plan to meet whenever is most convenient for you. In a matter of hours, we will create 90 days worth of images you can use to market yourself on Facebook, Instagram, your website, and any other channels. These images will help you connect with your online audience and increase conversion. You'll get rights to the photos where you can crop and edit them to best fit your brand. I know your time is valuable and I will not waste it.

You’re probably asking yourself— who is this girl and can I trust her to take my photos? Yes, yes you can.

I live in Lombard, a suburb outside of Chicago, with my babe of a hubby. We love to travel near and far. But let’s be real— I love nights on our couch binge watching Netflix, a cup of tea in hand. Also, I’m a sucker for reality TV. Yep, even the Kardashians.

During our time together, my mission is to capture the story that fuels your brand and gives your business purpose. I bring to life the stories that make you, well...you.

I tend to crack myself up but sometimes I'll make you laugh too!

Family matters to me. I'll help free up time for you and them.

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I can help you showcase yourself without the hassle.

I'm here to help not to sell you shit you don't need.

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What I’m known for:

— simon mainwaring

The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.

schitt's creek


so peaceful



i can't be serious all the time


it tastes so good when it hits your lips

house plants

that i can't keep alive


i need my me time


with a cute design please

vintage to be exact


I'm a little crazy about...

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