It's time to connect with your online target audience and increase conversion.  Don't worry... I've got a plan to show you how . 

that help you stand out!

brand photos

Lifestyle and portrait photography used to communicate YOUR brand story through authentic and impactful images; attracting and connecting to your audience in a meaningful way.

what is it?

personal brand photography

Dressed in all different kinds of outfits that she could use for some OOTD (outfit of the day) posts.

Wide shots, close ups, full body shots, of her and some negative space. Negative space is crucial in a picture to run facebook ads or announce things on your social media.

Close ups of a product or detail. Like that Louie or her shoes.

A wide shot of of her favorite scenery, like where she likes to shop.

Her standing in her walk in closet or next to a clothes rack.

Brand stories

See this baddie here?

That's Danielle. She's a fashion blogger. She's got her cute ass glasses on, dressed in black with a Louie and a latte in hand. Be like Danielle. *wink*

Seriously though, here are some of the stories we'd aim to visually capture for a fashion blogger like her:

The possibilities are endless. These set of images include photos of you, still life images of your products, and the tools of your trade. All throughout, you'll be authentically you. During our planning, we'll collaborate to determine the specific elements and images we need to capture your brand story.

Setting yourself apart by creating brand photos that truly showcase your personality and are consistent!

Created by Becrisfrom the Noun Project

Having a library full of social & web-ready images to pick from and not stressing about where your content will come from.

All the money you will save. Yes! Time = money and I'll be saving you so much by taking your pictures for you so you don't have to waste time trying to. 

Being able to spend more time focusing on better things. Like family, a vacation, or just sitting and enjoying a drink on a beautiful sunny day.

Just imagine...

the experience

As your ON-STAFF photographer, we're in a partnership together. I'm not here to sell you shit you don't need. I'm here to visually carry out your brand. I work with a small number of clients each year to make sure they get the individual attention they deserve. We'll plan and strategize for our session and we'll talk about how to use your images. We'll determine specific elements and images we need to capture and reflect your true brand story. I'm here to help you feel and look confident in front of the camera.

social & Web ready images

Story sessions are designed to create 90 days worth of images in one convenient and productive session. You'll get a library full of custom, consistent, curated images for your website, social media & marketing materials. Your photos will be edited and downloadable in high-resolution & web-resolution formats and cropped to the size you specify.

commercial license

Your images come with a commercial usage license so you can use them wherever you would like with no credit necessary. Again, you can use them for a book cover, a bill board, business cards, marketing material, magnets, real estate signs, ANYTHING. You will be able to use them as is or use any unique filter you use to match your consistency. You can crop and edit them to best fit your brand. 

What makes brand photography unique

the process

You can read more about the process in services

sit back

After our shoot I'll send you a proofing gallery the SAME day so you can choose which ones you want edited.


Your bid day! I'll have my camera in hand, all I ask is for you to show up with your bad self. We'll create custom, curated images for your website, marketing material & social media.


We will plan your first branding photography session. When, where, and how we'll go about the shoot. Basically make an action plan.


Get excited! Once you choose one of my packages starting at $997, I'll send over a contract and a questionnaire for you to review. 


I will be so stoked to answer your initial questions and/or just talk about your brand and your vision.


I pride myself in being efficient, therefore I will respond within the day if not the hour of your inquiry.

Enjoy your free time while I work on delivering you bad ass content.


— jen s.

osiris made me feel so comfortable and so at ease, nothing felt forced.

cups of COLD BREW per day


number of educational events per year


brands worked with


number of happy clients


Perfect for new businesses or business just starting off with personal brand!


One Story

Up to 20 images

Up to 1 hour at a single location

All images are cropped and sized for web and social media

Commercial usage license



This package is meant for entrepreneurs and businesses that are just starting out OR for those of you needing a handful of images for a website refresh, or a book launch. No prepping. No planning. We just meet, chat it up a bit, I snap some photos and that's it!

Starter Package

— Samantha J.

"Osiris is extremely talented and passionate about brand photography."

— Jaclyn C.

"She goes above and beyond to make sure I get the pictures I need for my social media.

— Martha R.

"Osiris is very personable, professional and is quick to reply to any questions I may have.


5 stars all around


35 High Resolution Images

3 hours shooting max

Up to 3 Stories



60 High Resolution Images

4 hours shooting max

Up to 5 Stories


story package 1

Quarterly 3 Hour Sessions

One year contract - 4 sessions 

Same day image selection


Story Packages




hop on a call!

You can contact me here to ask any questions and get more info, or pick a date below for a complimentary discovery call!  No strings attached.

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