3 Ways to Tell You Need a Branding Session


Are you telling the right story? Are you telling your story? Your brand is a compilation of all the things that make your business what it is. It is a combination of your logo, your colors, your business plan and you.

Everything that goes into making your brand and telling your story is important—especially the images used. If you are not using the right images to showcase your brand, you could be damaging your own business.

I am going to give you three easy ways to know you need a personal branding photography session with a great photographer and why we should be working together. Here are the deets!

Reason #1: You are using old images.

I’m sure prom night was a blast and that you were top of the class in college, but those images are not going to portray you as a successful, professional business owner. I’m sure you made a drop-dead-gorgeous blonde, but it has been 3 years and you look nothing like that girl anymore. Come on now.

Even professional pictures get outdated quickly, and your brand should always be on point. You want people to know who you are NOW and not who you used to be. People are looking for the face behind the brand. They are creating a mental image of you when they chat with you on the phone about becoming a prospective client and they want to work with someone they trust.

They deserve to see the evolution of your brand and you all in one.

Reason #2: You are a BIG fan of stock photos.

I’m not going to lie; a good stock photo can go a long way. But when the same picture pops up in hundreds of different Instagram feeds, it starts to feel a little less authentic. Real, authentic, branded photos are going to create a deeper more meaningful connection with your audience.

Branded photography will showcase everything your business has to offer in a very real and emotive way. Your photographer will work with you to give you a library of photos that you can constantly rotate through your social channels and use on your website to proactively promote your business.

Reason #3: The images on your website don’t flow right.

You ALWAYS want to be on brand. Everywhere your face is, and your logo is, and your products/service are, need to have a cohesive feel. This is where stock photos can quickly fall flat, and your audience can tell.

As soon as you start bringing branded photography to your website, the entire look and feel of it shifts. Over time you will change and update and refresh your website as your business evolves. It is important to also update and evolve those images so that your branding is consistently moving across platforms together. Old pictures with a new website can instantly make your business seem outdated and out of touch.

Time to Evaluate!

How do you feel about the current state of your social media and website images? Are they falling short of where they should be? Branded imagery is just a session away. After your session, you’ll have a full library of images to choose from that will instantly up level your business and brand. And you can say goodbye (mostly) to stock photos!

You ready to level up? Let’s work together!

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