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So, you’re done with your strategic personal branding session and now you have that library full of images I’ve been talking to you about all over my website and social media. Now what?

Below I’ll give you five ways to use personal brand photos so you can get the most out of the images you receive.

1. Your Website

First and foremost, put your brand new personal branding photos all over your website so people know who they would be dealing with if they booked you. As soon as they get to your homepage and see your face all over it, they will know you and the like, know, trust factor will take off.

2. Social Media

Most people find you on social media first! Plus they like engaging with photos of YOU. So, I’d say put them up on the Insta, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever it is but the point is to put them up.

3. Email Marketing

Yes, email marketing, whether you’re sending out an email or sending out a newsletter, put up a picture of you. For example, did you know that you can put your picture in your signature line? In your newsletter, put up a picture of you, a flat lay from the day of your session, details, whatever but using your photos in email marketing is so easy.

4. Blog Posts

Peep my first blog post HERE and you will see me! My face, my crocheting and some of my interest. You can also use them through out your other blog posts.

5. Newsletter

A lot of my newsletters have me in it because I want people to get see who I am, specially if they’re going to be working with me.

There you go, I’ve shown you five ways to use your personal brand photos. Now, you can go and post them everywhere! Heck, you could even print out stickers and hand them out haha

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